IES Pedro de Tolosa is getting more and more involved in international projects every year. Particularly, 2023-2024 has been a very busy school year as regards our Erasmus+ programs.

imageWe have been taking part in VET Erasmus programs for a long time now and we are currently part of Erasmus+ consortiums programs as well as the DC_VET program involving Balkan countries. 

Our school is one of the European School Embassadors. Different actions involving this project have been put into practice along the year. For instance, this week our students will be taking part in the Madrid sessions for MEU (Model of the European Parliament) simulating to be MEPs (Memebers of the European Parliament), representing their countries, taking decisions and creating allianimageces wit other countries.

From October 14/11/2023 to 19/11/2023 we celebrated Erasmus+ Days in our school. Several  activities were carried out: meetings where we could share our Erasmus+ projects with the whole of the School Community, by sharing our Erasmus+ experiences on the school televisions, posters in the foyer, through meetings with parents, etc.

We had different celebrations regarding Europe as well: 26/09/2023 we celebrated the Day of European Languages and on the 09/05/2024 we celebrated Europe Day respectively.

Plenty of activities took place in our school during those days: In the clases we worked on the typical music and customs from each country and our students created presentations about this.

imageStudents set up European Fairs with stands representing the different countries to make everyone at the school know about the culture, customs and traditions from every country. They created nice stalls with flags, leaflets with information to give in their corresponding stalls as well as making typical food from each country that we were so lucky to taste. 

We are actually located in a small country town, but we are slowly making our little local community fully aware of the European customs and traditions. We like to think we are contributing to open minds, wide horizons and change our town somehow in such a positive way endowing it with the best and most enriching European values.


ERASMUS KA2 Capacity Building

DC-VET WB project has been designed to tackle some key challenges faced by VET systems today in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo in the sectors of Information Technology (IT), electronics and automation sectors with the aim to support VET schools more responsive to the market needs. The increasing globalisation, the digitalization of public and private services and Revolution of Industry 4.0 impose continuous updates on the workers competences. Therefore Vocational Training and Educational Institutes play a crucial role in equipping students with skills and knowledge that meet market demand.

Through this project, the partners aim at setting in motion several initiatives that will allow VET institutes to strengthen their cooperation with companies, to boost internationalisation of education and make the training offer more inclusive.

The general objective is to innovate VET systems in Western Balkans through the exchange of practices and a pervasive capacity building action.

Project website: https://dcvetwb.eu/

KA 229 Erasmus+ Francia/España


Our heritage: History, Culture, Traditions, Science and
Technology in Spain and France

En esta página se encuentran las actividades realizadas por los estudiantes españoles. Para consultar las actividades de los estudiantes franceses conectar con Collège Georges Pompidou

Actividades realizadas en España (acceso para usuarios educamadrid)

Actividades realizadas en Francia (acceso para usuarios educamadrid)

Puy du Fou (acceso para usuarios educamadrid)

Portafolio de trabajos realizados (acceso para usuarios educamadrid)


Intercambios de larga duración

Informe Carla Gámez, Canvas

Informe Laura Rodriguez

Etwinning (info sin actualizar por desactivación de la plataforma)

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